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What Is Caritas?

What Is Caritas?

Caritas is a Latin word that literally means “love.” For centuries, the word caritas has been at the heart of passages that have inspired people of faith to work toward change.

These days, caritas is often translated as “charity.” But in the ancient world, there was no difference between “love” and “charity.” They meant the same thing.

As a group of people trying to follow Jesus’s example, the connection between these two words is important to us. The type of love we’re talking about here isn’t something we feel, it’s something we do.

And that’s the way faith works. Believing in God and feeling God’s love are good things. But using God’s love as a catalyst to help other people is really what our church is all about. Faith — the kind of faith that moves mountains — is love in motion.

It’s caritas.

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