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Building A Simpler Life

Building A Simpler Life

Want a simpler life? Most of us do. This month, we’re building simpler and saner lives through a multi-week dialogue about the spiritual and practical elements of Christian simplicity.

The gist of it is that simplicity is about more than just a series of practices (decluttering, reducing gross consumption, recycling, etc.), it’s also about an internal change — a holistic, spiritual transformation that culminates in what we’re calling a “theology of enough.”

As part of our conversation, we left last week’s gathering with a homework assignment: At some point this week, spend just 10 minutes in silence, not doing anything. Sit in the backyard, lounge on the couch, stare at tree, whatever. Just 10 minutes … and then let’s talk about what happened.

The conversation continues this week. Our gathering is 11am to 12pm Sunday at Steve and Tara McDonald’s house, 23 White Oak Lane, Fairport. Hope you can join us!

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