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Confronting Hate: A Christian Response to Charlottesville

Confronting Hate: A Christian Response to Charlottesville

At the August 20th Caritas gathering, we’re having an open and honest conversation about Charlottesville and the events of the past week.

It’s a safe space to decompress and together, formulate a response in light of the gospel imperatives of love and justice.

Racism, hate and exclusion are not only structural and economic problems, but spiritual problems as well. Some questions to consider between now and Sunday:

  • When you think about the term, “racism,” what are some of the images that come to mind?
  • How have racism and hate affected you and the people you love?
  • How do Jesus and the gospel message mesh with the messages we’ve heard over the past week? As someone committed to following Jesus, how might you respond? What resources (spiritual, social, tangible) can the Church bring to the table?
  • How can you explain racism and current events to your kids? What can you do to help them create a world characterized by love, tolerance and mutual respect?

In many ways, it feels like we’ve reached a turning point as a nation and a society. Hope you can join us on Sunday for this important conversation.

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