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Dangerous Spirit: A Conversation for Pentecost

Dangerous Spirit: A Conversation for Pentecost

At this week’s (5/20) Caritas gathering, we’re having a conversation about Pentecost. Having emerged from a variety of traditional church backgrounds, we’ve all experienced different meanings surrounding the Pentecost event in Acts 2.

But what does Pentecost mean for the church — and your faith journey — today?

As always, our conversation will be open and honest. Some of the question’s we’ll tackle include:

  • The church was born on Pentecost. How do you see the role of the church today? How is it changing?
  • On Pentecost, the Spirit made it possible for people speaking different languages to understand each other. How should that inform the way we approach the concept of church? Does it change the way you interact with other people?
  • Can you describe a time when you felt the Holy Spirit working in you or through you? When was the last time your faith felt “dangerous?”

DATE: Sunday, May 20

TIME: 11 am

PLACE: 23 White Oak Lane, Fairport, NY

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